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En provenance de résurection 40k, voici la future liste BA, anglophobe s'abstenir :


Wargear changes
Exsanguinator - Description replaced with current narthecium rules. Nothing additional

Terminator armor - Same except no longer gives +1A (Same as new DA and there are no terminator honors, which means characters are at -1A)

Servo arm - Same as Codex: Sm but IT IS NOT A POWER FIST.. It "strikes at I1 at S8 with no armor save" Therefore, cover/grenades affects it

Special CHaracters

Commander Dante

Rights of battle
Inspiring: All friendly BA models within 12" count as having preferring enemy (Vs anyone)
Equipment: Artificer armor, iron halo, jump pack, frag and krak grenades
Axe of Mortalis - Master crafted power weapon
Death mask of sanguinius - All enemy models within 6" are at -1WS and -1BS
Perdition Pistol - Metal gun that counts as pistol in CC

If dante is included in the army then a standard bearer may carry the BA chapter banner which gives all benefits of the normal standard and also gives the unit +1A.

Tycho - Normal stats, has iron halo and artificer armor and basically is same as old edition.. IE sucks. rights of battle

Fearless, Feel no pain

Lord of Death - Mephiston has all 3 psychic powers and can use each one of them and his force weapon once each player turn, rather than being limited as are other librarians. He may not use the same power more than once per turn

Wargear: Artificer armor, force weapon, plasma pistol, psychic hood, frag and krak grenades

Might of Heros - same
Wings of Sanguinius - The librarian (only him) may move as a jump pack, even with terminator armor. If on a bike he counts as moving as a jetbike
Transfixing Glare - Used in the assault phase. If successful then any enemy model in BTB contact must take a LD test. If failed the model may not attack and will be hit automatically by any CC attacks directed against them. Enemy models with a LD value cannot be affected

Brother corbulo - Same as old edition except 3wounds
no power weapon and has exsanguinator and the red grail
Red Grail : All BA units within 12" At the start of one of its assault phases receives furious charge for that turn. In addition it gives corbulo a 4+ inv save

Chaplain Lamartes Same stats as current 3W chaplain
Has the Death mask which gives all enemy models within 6" -1LD

Non-named characters (all have 2w and LD9)
Has rights of battle
Options: Plasma pistol, stormbolter, combi weapons, melta bombs, bike. Can replace ALL wargear for terminator armor, storm bolter, force weapon and psychic hood
NO OPTION for inv save except with Term armor
Cannot take Transfixing glare but comes with other two powers as standard

Same options as librarian but may take a power fist and a jump pack

Company Captain (3W and L10)
Comes with Iron Halo
Rights of Battle
Options: Power weapon, 1 or 2 LCs, Thunder hammer, Power fist, jump pack, storm bolter, combi weapons, melta bombs
OR may take Term Armor WITH Thunderhammer + Stormshield, 2x LC or Stormbolter + Power fist/Power weapon all for only +XPTs

Honor guard
Does not take up spot on force org chart AND IS NOT A BODYGUARD. They deploy and operate independently. May include 1 for each IC in army
2A now and come with frag/krak grenades
5 marines (max)
Jump packs +Xpts (entire squad)
Options: (a ton. Think of this as a imp guard command squad in terms of options. 2 guys can have this, 2 can have that.. etc).
2x Plasma Pistol
2x Powerfist/weapon
2x Flamer/melta/plasma
Sanguinary Priest for with exsanguinator
Tech Adept (No servo arm btw). Power weapon and blessing of omnissiah rule
Standard bearer
company champion power weapon + combat shield
Meltbombs on a per model basis


The Death company - Counts towards force org. Do not have to take
same stats. Rending, Furious Charge, Feel no pain, fearless.
Must move as fast as possible towards enemy unless chaplain or Corbulo are within 6". They have krak grenades as well
Pretty much same as rumors have stated.
You get 1 free DC per following squads
Honor Guard
Terminator Squad
Veteran Assault Squad
Tactical Squad
Devastator Squad
Jump packs +Xpts per model
Additional guys +Xpts
May have rhino or drop pod at point cost
Models equipped with power fists or power weapons may count them as normal CC weapons with rending

Terminator Squad
5 men (max)
entire squad may swap weapons for 2x LC or Thunderhammer/storm shield
or may replace one term with the cyclone, Heavy flamer, Assault cannon
Can take a drop pod

Furioso Dreadnaught
Venerable +Xpts
Death company dread +Xpts (+D3 attacks and moves like death company)
heavy flamer +Xpts
extra armor +Xpts
comes with smoke and searchlight
May take a drop pod

Assault cannon, CCW, smoke and searchlight
Missile launcher
Multimelta, TL- Auto cannon - free
Tl- Las
Extra armor
May take drop pod

Does NOT use up force org slot. May take 1 per vehicle chosen from elites or heavy support
same stats, except comes with artificer armor
Options - Plasma pistol, servo harness
Servitors - 0-4 with Servo arm, CCW (Not Powerfist). May replace with multimelta or HB for free, Plasma cannon (no restriction)
May select rhino, razorback or drop pod

Veteran Assault squad
2A and combat squads
Jump packs included
The squad may include up to 5 additional vets for +Xpts each (and combat squads? odd)
0-3 - stormbolter, combi weapon, plasma pistol/power weapon, power fist/single LC, 2x LC or thunder hammer
Anyone can take combat shield +Xpts or stormshield +Xpts
0-2 - Flamer/melta/plasma
Per model basis: Melta bombs
Note: Above options replace EITHER bolt pistol OR chainsword so you can replace Chainsword with power weapon AND bolt pistol with flamer
May remove jump packs and have rhino or drop pod for no point cost

Scout Squad
combat squads
vet sarg included
5 additional scouts +Xpts
Options: same as Da codex. Sarg may take melta bombs
Shotguns: Like DA


Assault Squad
Vet sarg included
Same options as DA basically. Sarg can have combat shield and melta bombs
May remove jump packs and take rhino or drop pod for free

Tactical squad
Same as DA codex
May take drop pod, rhino or razorback

Bike squad
2 bikes + 1 vet sarg
No combat squads

0-2 bikers
vet sarg may have power sword (no fist) and/or melta bombs
0-2 Flamer/melta/plasma

Attack Bikes
HB or multimelta
1 bike

0-2 additional bikes

Land Speed Squadron
Hb or Multimelta
0-2 additional speeders
0-1 Typhoon launcher
0-2 Heavy flamer or assault cannon

Combat squads
Options same as DA codex
may have rhino, drop pod, razorback

Land raider
Its a land raider.
options: Pintle storm bolter 5pts, hunter killer missile, extra armor

Land raider crusader (no limit)
Its still a land raider and has crusader weapons.
same options as land raider

Vengeance Missiles
Incendiary Castellan

Options: Dozer blade, extra armor, pintle storm bolter, hunter killer

Options : See whirlwind
TL - Las
HB Sponsons

Same as previous edition, same options as other vehicles

Baal Predator
Overcharged engines (1 - Cannot move. 2-3 nothing, 4+ vehicle is Fast and can move max of 18")
Pintle stormbolter, Hunter killer. NO EXTRA ARMOR
HB or heavy flamers

Over charged engines
same as DA codex

TL Las
Normal vehicle options

Drop pod
No missile launcher option


A few notes: I didnt post point costs for many options because they're same as codex space marines (No discount for being single wound model tho) and no real point to repeat point costs for items everyone knows the pt costs for

However, items like flamers are basically half the cost currently. 5pts for every squad basically. Sorry I just really dont wanna post pt values for every item or option as its fairly easy to know what they are. Also just assume every vehicle has smoke and search lights and all the marines have frak/krak/BP and bolters


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